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What is PhysioTools

With PhysioTools you can create personalised exercise programs for your clients, either by using PhysioTools Online or PhysioTools 10 - our installable version. PhysioTools makes creating exercise regimes for your clients quick and easy. As a result you not only save time, but you can also provide your clients with the extra service that makes you stand out.

Select the exercises, customise the texts and then simply email or print your exercise program. You can also use our PhysioTools Online App to send the exercise plan to your customer’s smartphone or tablet. Each exercise includes clearly written instructions, colour photographs and/or drawings, colour illustrations and often videos. You can also add your own logo and contact information.


PT Momentum - the exercise motivator

PhysioTools has introduced the concept of momentum to rehabilitation and exercising for you to monitor your clients’ adherence to the exercise program.

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Licences explained

Pay only for the concurrent usage, not the users. 
By purchasing PhysioTools you can have unlimited users, as long as they are not logged in at the same time. 

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Compare features

PhysioTools can be used online or installed. There are some minor differences between the features in both versions.

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Technical requirements

We have made PhysioTools Online easy to access therefore the only requirement is a computer or a tablet equipped with a browser – and an internet connection. 
The online and installable versions have some differences in technical requirements.

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We have been developing our product for almost 30 years with the mindset, that first we listen to our customers and then we take actions based on the feedback we get. We are proud to say that our customers include the world's leading hospitals, rehabilitation centres and universities, as well as private clinics and sports and fitness professionals from all over the world - we are glad to share some of their feedback with you.

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