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The Hygenic Corporation

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The Hygenic Corporation was founded in 1925 by Walter P. Keith when he acquired the Hygenic Dental Rubber Company. Thera-Band® is a division of The Hygenic Corporation and is the industry leader in new product development and supporting scientific research on the benefits of exercise in rehabilitation, strength building, injury prevention and fitness.

In 1999, the company founded the Thera-Band® Academy, an international organization composed of leading physicians, therapists, athletic trainers and university faculty to identify new research for funding and to develop an international body of knowledge on treating and preventing injuries and disease through various types of exercise.The Thera-Band® brand name was first introduced by The Hygenic Corporation in 1978 and has since gained an international reputation with therapists and sports trainers for quality and effectiveness. The line of resistance exercise products are endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Thera-Band® products are available through an international network of rehabilitation, exercise and sports product distributors, and through many online and retail outlets. For more information on Thera-Band® products, visit or