Annica Näsmark, Tommy Eriksson, Torsten Larsson, Bertil Nordström

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Annica Näsmark is a physiotherapist in private practice who works with the Swedish Women's National Football Team.

She has extensive experience in training football coaches and the rehabilitation of active football players' injuries. She is a member of the Swedish Football Association's medical committee.

Tommy Eriksson is an experienced naprapath who has been working with the Swedish national teams: football, skiing and athletics.

He is a respected educator of physiotherapists, trainers, doctors and other groups of professionals in the field of taping.

Torsten Larsson is a licensed physiotherapist with a broad education and extensive experience in the field of Sports Medicine.

He has also worked as a company-based physiotherapist where his work emphasized back and neck patient education. His practice is located at both Metropolen and Idrottsmedicinska.

Bertil Nordström is an illustrator with extensive experience.

During the past several year he has specialized in anatomic illustrations dealing with sports injuries and orthopaedic spinal conditions.