New content in Physiotools: Ergonomics

Neuigkeiten | 24 January 2020

Ergonomics includes educational material to support client education regarding ergonomics in office work and general ADL. It includes handling loads, office, housework and sleep ergonomics, workout exercises to do during a break, resting positions for the back, control of the body and head plus body awareness of the core and hip position.

Ergonomics includes 91 photographs and 54 videos. The instructional texts are available in English, German, Swedish and Finnish.

Virpi Fagerström

The content has been created by Virpi Fagerström, a Finnish physiotherapist, master of health sciences and occupational physiotherapist.

Virpi specializes in ergonomics, body control and work safety and is an instructor and researcher. She is the founder and CEO of Ergomentor Oy, a company that specializes in ergonomics, occupational safety and physical therapy. Ergomentor organizes training courses for the social and health care sector and produces course material related to its specialty.

An example video from Ergonomics: