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Educational offer

We offer FREE use of Physiotools Premium to educational institutions providing courses in physiotherapy, fitness and any other profession that subscribe exercises. It is a great resource for students and tutors, already used extensively in schools, colleges and universities around the world.

How the Educational Licence can benefit your institution:

  • wide range of multi-professional content in different specialist areas
  • evidence based protocols
  • an easy way to produce coursework and case studies
  • can be used to demonstrate protocols and best practice
  • a great teaching and evaluation tool
  • excellent preparation for clinical work
  • an introduction to creating exercise programs
  • facility to add your own exercises and digital images

Includes 40 free licences

Up to 40 students and tutors can use Physiotools Premium at the same time. When one person logs out another can log in, therefore one licence can be shared by several people.  Create an unlimited number of users and allocate each user their own unique username and password.

The Educational Licence is for educational use only and cannot be used with patients/clients.

An educational institution can order the Educational Licence by completing the form below (if you are a student, please ask your tutor/lecturer to complete the form).