New: Vestibular and Balance Exercises

Uutiset | 16 February 2016

Our new exercise module is designed for health care and rehabilitation professionals who prescribe exercises with the aim of managing dizziness and balance or vestibular disorders.

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Read an article written by Kenda Fuller: Dizziness and imbalance: Choosing the best exercise

About the author Kenda Fuller

Kenda Fuller, PT was one of the pioneers of the practice of vestibular rehabilitation in the 1980s, and was certified by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists as a neurological specialist in 1990. Education has been a strong focus of her career with invitations to lecture in university settings and provide continued education throughout the US. 

As co-owner of South Valley Physical Therapy, her independent practice focuses on the care of patients with complex neurologic and orthopedic conditions causing imbalance.