PhysioTools & data security: ‘Wannacry’ Ransomware

Uutiset | 26 May 2017

Many of our customers have felt the impact of the ‘Wannacry’ ransomware attack that was recently reported in the news media. The ransomware attack was transmitted over the internet to thousands of computers around the world.

Your PhysioTools software is either locally installed on your own computers or is hosted on PhysioTools’ own secure servers which you access through a web browser. 

PhysioTools v10 – locally installed

If you are one of our many customers who have installed PhysioTools locally, you should take steps to protect your investment in PhysioTools.

Active Protection 

Ensure that your systems are protected from ransomware, computer viruses and other forms of malware. You must take steps to ensure that your computer and networks are always equipped with the latest anti-virus software and that all security updates have been installed.

Data Backups

You must ensure that backups are created regularly and stored safely for retrieval, should it be necessary to restore data after a loss due to ransomware or other causes. To be sure that you can successfully restore PhysioTools v10, use the PhysioTools backup program (PhysioTools Backup) that is included. It can be found in the Windows ‘All-Programs’ (All-Apps) menu under the PhysioTools submenu. Click on Help in PhysioTools for more details.  It is important that you can locate your original PhysioTools disk or software download. While PhysioTools might be able to supply you with a new installation disk (or a replacement software download), there may be a fee to provide this to you.

PhysioTools Online – hosted securely on PhysioTools’ servers

If you are one of our many customers who use PhysioTools Online, you don’t need to take any special security precautions to protect your data, as we do everything that is necessary to protect it for you.

To ensure the security of your data in PhysioTools Online, we work exclusively with reliable and professional hosting providers. Our servers are located in secure cabinets within an access control environment protected by motion detectors, video surveillance, alarm systems, and security personnel on site.

All PhysioTools system activity is securely logged and monitored for irregularities. PhysioTools software and its supporting systems is managed, designed and implemented to minimize security deficiencies; this includes regular and automatic system and security updates. Our software development is based exclusively in Finland and is compliant with industry best-practice standards.

Individual encrypted logins

As a PhysioTools Online customer, you are entitled to create as many PhysioTools online user accounts as you need.  In the event that your PhysioTools administrators are required to provide authenticated accountability for changes to data, PhysioTools system logs are available upon request.

PhysioTools passwords are stored in an encrypted form (even PhysioTools does not know what your password is, the encrypted form of the password that is stored on PhysioTools’ systems can only be used to authenticate a password at login). All organization using PhysioTools Online should remind their staff to keep passwords confidential.

Regular professional data backups 

PhysioTools maintains thorough system backups that are regularly transferred and stored in secure, fireproof sealed cabinets separated from the main servers. This ensures that any data can be restored within 24 hours, even in the event of a total system failure.