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Name change: PT Momentum is now Physiotools Trainer app

News | 3 February 2020
Physiotools Trainer exercise app

The name of our client app has been changed from PT Momentum to Physiotools Trainer.

Create an individual exercise program in Physiotools and send it to the Physiotools Trainer client app. As a subscriber to Physiotools, the app is included at no additional charge.

Your clients will love the app:

  • daily exercises at a glance, complete with clear instructions, images and videos that ensure exercises are performed correctly
  • always up-to-date and easily available – just a click away on their mobile devices
  • option to set daily reminders

It is easy to send exercise programs to the app and follow your clients' activity in Physiotools. Click on the following guides found in our Support Centre:

The app name will change if the function to update Apps automatically is enabled on a mobile device, however the features in the app remain the same. ​