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Neurological Upper Extremity Exercises

News | 10 September 2021

Physiotools have added 33 new Neurological Upper Extremity Exercises with photos/drawing and videos to Physiotools Online Premium. This new material has been requested by Physiotools users - thank you for your feedback.

Even though these new exercises are based on neurological physiotherapy, they can be adapted to practise joint mobility and movement control when recovering from surgery or injury for example.

Three aspects are emphasized in the content:

  • anti-gravity movement control and mobility of the scapula and shoulder
  • stretches and active range of movement of the wrist
  • TheraPutty exercises for the hands and fingers

Many of the anti-gravity exercises can also be used to support muscle activation. There are singular exercises for upper limb weightbearing and relaxation and mobility of the spine as well.

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