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New: Deep Fascia Exercises

News | 30 June 2016

Our new module, Deep Fascia Exercises, is ideal for sports and rehabilitation professionals. It offers exercises for deep myofascial line, which is a foundation for good posture and safe movement patterns. The focus of these exercises is in the deep core and inner body awareness.

Spine movement control in these exercises is guided by spine lengthening and psoas muscle activation awareness. The deep myofascial awareness is integrated to the superficial fascial exercises. Basic techniques of martial arts are included. 

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About the author Hilkka Virtapohja

Hilkka is a Finnish physiotherapist specialising in therapeutic exercise. Her aim is to give her clients tools to increase their body awareness, in order to prevent injuries and stimulate the body's natural recovery and healing. Hilkka has many years of experience in sports injury prevention and rehabilitation.