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New exercise module: Whole-Body Joint Looseners and Variations for Special Needs

News | 18 February 2015
Suitable for teachers and therapists, this module has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of clients with special needs including persons with learning difficulties, physical disabilities, sensory impairments and severe/multiple disabilities, right across the age range.

The aim of Whole-Body Joint Looseners is to stimulate the body's main joints and increase coordination and awareness. Colour is used to distinguish different parts of the body to help the teaching and learning processes. For more information: Click here

About the author Maria Gunstone

The module is based on the YOU & ME Yoga system. Founder of the system, yoga specialist and teacher of people with special needs, Maria is considered to be a pioneer in the field of yoga for persons with intellectual/learning disabilities. Over the years she has taught her YOU & ME Yoga system to more than 2500 staff working in Special Needs with clients of all age groups and abilities throughout the UK.

Click here to read an interview with Maria about the YOU & ME Yoga system.