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New Lower Extremity Exercises

News | 11 November 2020
Reverse Lunge with Focus on Knee Alignment

We are pleased to announce that our new Lower Extremities Exercises are now available in Physiotools Online Premium.

It includes 100 new pictures and videos and are available in English, German, Swedish and Finnish. 
The exercise objectives included in the new content are:

  • strengthening (e.g. eccentric exercises)
  • stretching and range of motion
  • functional and integrated movements i.e. exercises challenging the whole kinetic chain
  • movement control and stability
  • balance and coordination
  • jumping and landing drills    

Some exercises also include the use of equipment that can be used at home: free weights, exercise bands, balance boards etc.
The exercises are a combination of new and updated versions of existing exercises, which will be of particular interest to professionals working in Physiotherapy (MSK rehab) and Sports & Fitness.

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