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New Russian translations available

News | 4 December 2018

The following content is now available in Russian.

  • PT Extra - Foam Roller, Knee Exercises, Mobility and Shoulder Exercises
  • FLOWIN® Friction Training™
  • Gymstick Exercises by Gymstick
  • Thera-Band© Foam Roller by The Hygenic Corporation
  • Whole Body Vibration Training by Power Plate
  • Cervical Spine Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control by Mark Comerford
  • Corrective Exercises for Movement System Impairment by Shirley Sahrmann
  • Deep Fascia Exercises by Hilkka Virtapohja
  • JEMS® Dynamic Movement Progressions for Trunk and Lower Body by Joanne Elphinston
  • Lower Extremity Basic Exercises by PhysioTools
  • Lumbo-Pelvic Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control by Mark Comerford
  • Taktil stimulering/massage by Leif Birath (only Swedish & Russian)

These have previously been translated into Russian

  • Balance & Falls Prevention by Gerd Laxåback 
  • Contracture Prevention by Leif Birath
  • Falls Prevention with Pulley Equipment by HUR Oy
  • Fitness Training for Falls Prevention by Gerd Laxåback  
  • Fracture Prevention by Raija Korpelainen and Satu Siirtola 
  • Functional Training with Fitness Equipment by HUR Oy 
  • General Exercises 2nd Edition by PhysioTools
  • Hand and Upper Extremity by Lee Ann Higginbotham 
  • Managing at Home by PhysioTools
  • Neurological Rehabilitation by Rekryteringsgruppen Aktiv Rehabilitering 
  • Pelvic Floor by PhysioTools
  • Paediatrics Musculo-Skeletal by PhysioTools
  • Paediatrics Neuro-developmental and Motor learning by PhysioTools
  • Paediatrics Respiratory by PhysioTools 
  • ​Personal Care - Occupational Therapy by Siobhan Grimshaw 
  • PT Extra
  • PT Extra - Positioning
  • PT Extra - Walking with Crutches
  • PT Extra - Exercises for Leg in a Cast
  • PT Extra - Exercises for Arm in a Cast
  • Respiratory Care by Dept of Physical Therapy of Karolinska University Hospital 
  • Rollator Walker - Functional and Balance Exercises by PhysioTools 
  • Stretching by Christopher Norris 
  • Thera-Band® Exercises 1 by The Hygenic Corporation
  • Vestibular and Balance Exercises by Kenda Fuller 

To find all Russian exercises in PhysioTools Online, type "Russian" into free text search. See a short tutorial How to change exercise language