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New Suspension Sling Exercises available

News | 10 December 2019
Suspension Anterior Chain Stretch

37 new suspension sling exercises have been added to Physiotools Premium. The exercises include pictures, line drawings and videos using training slings or rings. There are exercises focusing on upper and lower extremities and trunk, but bodyweight sling exercises always challenge the whole body. The majority of the exercises are strengthening exercises, but a few dynamic mobility exercises are also included

We have produced a basic collection of training sling exercises as an introduction and have included exercise notes that suggests how the sling exercises can be made easier or more challenging. We used a sling with handles and foot cradles and a type of sling that was not fixed from the middle, so one needs to balance the left and right side slings while performing the exercises. These exercises are mostly designed to be performed with gymnastic rings or other kinds of exercise slings.

The exercises are available in English, German, Swedish and Finnish.

To view the exercises, select Interest and New exercises in the Physiotools online Exercises page.