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PhysioTools changes ownership

News | 28 September 2018

PhysioTools, the world’s leading exercise software provider has changed ownership. Nora and Mark Musgrove, who have led the development of PhysioTools over 25 years, have sold the company to an investment group led by Mr Hannu Vuola.

Vuola has long been active in the fields of business communication and marketing. He has also been involved in founding and developing several companies, some of which are in the games industry, such as Nitro Games Ltd and Goodlife Technology Ltd.

“PhysioTools is in excellent shape and it is also the spiritual leader of the digitalisation of physiotherapy. Now I would like to hear from our customers as to the new services they would like us to provide and implement them as quickly as possible. I have learned from the games industry that you need to understand your customers better than the competition, the technology needs to be world class and new innovations need to be launched continuously. It is the only way to stay ahead. That is what we intend to do.” Vuola promises.

From the start, the intention at PhysioTools has always been to make producing exercise programs easy and efficient, be it on paper or electronically. PhysioTools Online helps physiotherapists and other healthcare and fitness professionals enhance their service and productivity and improve their client satisfaction.

“Healthcare technology is at a turning point. Both professionals and their clients are demanding user interfaces that are simple and easy to use - this is an area that we will be focusing on in the future. We already have the largest content library of its kind in the world, and this is a solid foundation from which to offer our customers the best service.” Vuola says.