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Terveystalo together with Physiotools - "Best news of the year"

News | 15 September 2021

Physiotools and Terveystalo started their partnership in January 2021. Terveystalo is one of the leading healthcare providers in Finland, with more than two million customers every year. Since the partnership began, almost a thousand therapy professionals have used Physiotools.

We had a virtual visit with the leading Physiotherapist in Terveystalo: Markus Forsell where we heard about their experience of using Physiotools, its benefits, changes in therapists work habits and how an innovative idea was born with the help of Physiotool's technology. Mr Forsell also shared his tips on remote working and wellness.

Why Physiotools?

Terveystalo had a clear vision to enhance their physiotherapy services and understood that new technology was required. Mr Forsell already knew about Physiotools, and for him it was the best on the market with its diverse exercise library. He also appreciated the innovative technology and how it enabled their brand to stand out. From the very first conversation with Physiotools, Terveystalo had a very good feeling about the collaboration.

Benefits of Physiotools

"Best news of the year," said Terveystalo therapy professionals when they learnt they were going to be using Physiotools.  Forsell mentioned how integrating something new into everyone's daily working habits always takes time and effort, but in this case, all therapists were excited to dedicate the time. "From day one, things have run very smoothly with Physiotools," Forsell continues.

A short time after starting to use Physiotools, an innovative idea was born: how about dental hygienists using the software? It didn’t take too long to integrate it with Physiotools and now, dental hygienists are also using Physiotools.

Better choices

Therapists at Terveystalo have appreciated the pre-made exercise templates and wide range of exercises: "It is straightforward to create our own templates and prescribe exercises using the software. Therapists have also been very happy with the speed of which Physiotools have added new exercises - almost confusingly fast," Forsell says and smiles. Forsell also highlighted that it has been wonderful to notice how the number of users has risen tremendously. 

Brilliant partnership

He has been pleasantly surprised by how smoothly things have gone. An interesting point that Forsell also mentioned is that "The Net Promoter Score has been impressive amongst Terveystalo customers: 90"

Forsell remembered feedback from a customer. "It has been great to receive my exercises on my phone. I didn't remember the correct way of completing my exercises, but now when I see them, I remember."

To finish, we discussed the challenges of the Pandemic and how it has affected people's wellbeing. Here are Markus Forsell’s tips on remote working and wellbeing:

  1. Let's be our real and raw selves. We can be professional and also ourselves. Nothing is more draining than to be behind a screen and fake something.
  2. Let's give employees freedom of choosing how to work. If a meeting is possible to attend while walking, why not do that? No one should secretly be active.
  3. Sitting for an extended period and not moving around isn't good for anyone. Even minor activity is good. Think about who or what motivates you to stay active and try to find your preferred activities.

We thank Markus Forsell again for his time and look forward to continuing to work together.