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Physiotools Key Features

Largest selection of exercises

The widest range of exercises by leading authors. Of course you can import your own pictures and exercises and make your library even bigger.

Personalise exercise programs

Customise the exercise program exactly to your clients' needs: write and edit your instructions and visualise them with pictures and videos.

Print and send exercise programs

After finalising your personalised exercise program, e-mail or send it directly to the Client app. Or just print on the spot. Simple, quick and professional.

Easy access

All therapists in your organisation can login at the same time and access the full Physiotools library of exercises at a cost effective price.

Top authors, best results

Physiotools exercises are designed and written by world renowned experts in rehabilitation and fitness.

Client app

The Physiotools client app is fun to use and encourages your clients to exercise, plus you can review their progress. Free from Google Play or the App Store.

Physiotools Trainer client app

Physiotools Trainer client app

Physiotools has introduced the concept of momentum to rehabilitation and exercising for you to monitor your clients’ adherence to the exercise program.

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We have been developing our product for over 30 years with the mindset, that first we listen to our customers and then we take actions based on the feedback we get. We are proud to say that our customers include the world's leading hospitals, rehabilitation centres and universities, as well as private clinics and sports and fitness professionals from all over the world - we are glad to share some of their feedback with you.

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