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Aquatic Therapy

Ben Waller Exercises

These Ben Waller aquatic therapy exercises are developed to assist therapists involved in providing therapeutic aquatic exercises. It contains exercises utilising different water depths, positions and a wide variety of aquatic equipment. Specific focus is on functional movements and core stability.

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Although primarily developed with musculoskeletal problems, sports injuries and post operative situations in mind, these exercises can be applied to a wide range of groups. Using current ideas and philosophies in rehabilitation (for example, correction of movement disorders and core stability) it provides an up-to-date and dynamic set of therapeutic aquatic exercises. Although there can be found the usual joint mobilising, stretching and strengthening exercises, there has been specific focus on functional movements and core stability. Different aquatic running techniques are also included with video to assist in client instruction. The exercises make use of all the unique properties of water, in particular buoyancy and drag, as well as the metacentric effects. A good understanding of the effect of immersion in water will allow the therapist to adapt the exercises, and create a very specific exercise program for their clients. Includes evidence based exercises.

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Body areas
Ankle, Cardio- and Respiratory System, Elbow, Forearm, Hip, Hip Abductors, Hip Adductors, Hip Extensors, Hip Flexors, Hip Lateral Rotators, Knee, Lower Extremities, Neck, Scapula, Scapula rotractors, Scapula Retractors
Shoulder, Trunk and Back, Trunk Stabilizers, Upper Extremities, Whole Body

Abduction, Adduction, Dorsiflexion, Eversion, Extension, External Rotation, Flexion, Horizontal Abduction, Horizontal Adduction, Inversion, Lateral Flexion, Plantar Flexion, Pronation, Protraction, Retraction, Rotation and Circumduction, Supination, Traction

Aerobic Exercises, Balance and Coordination, Breathing Exercises, Control Extension, Control Flexion, Control Neutral, Control Rotation, Educational and Advice, Isometric Strength, Joint Mobilizing, Movement Control and Stability, Strengthening, Warm Up and Circulation

Ankle Weights, Aquatic Equipment, Ball, Chair or Stool, Exercise Band, Other Equipment, Step or Box, Stick, Without Equipment

Starting positions

Half-kneeling, Kneeling, Lying (prone), Lying (supine), On All Fours, Other Position, Sidelying, Sitting High, Standing

Other keywords
1 leg balance, Aqua-jogging belt, Aquatic running, Aquatic walking, Author, Cobra stretch, Floating device, Heel raise, Heel walk, Lateral lunge, Lateral shift, Leg curl, Long arc quadriceps exercise, Lower arm, Lunge, OKC, Passive Stretching, Proprioception, Railing, Rehab, Rope, Rotation, Shoulder Girdle, Side stretch, Single-joint, Single-leg squat, Split stance, Squat, Stability, Step down, Step Up, Toe walk, Upper back, Walking lunge, Weight shift


433 Colour photographs, Line Drawings , 7 videos

Printout languages

English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Russian, Swedish