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Get the Nerve to Move - Treatment Techniques & Home Exercises

Designed for the therapist to enhance their neurodynamics treatment techniques and to provide home exercises.

Product details

It covers the major parts of the neuroaxis, sympathetic trunk and larger peripheral nerves. The techniques can be used for treating a variety of clients. Manual therapy from a neurodynamic perspective is based on the nervous system being one continuous tissue that needs a certain amount of mobility and circulation to function optimally. To be able to normalize the neurodynamics it is often advisable to treat the interfacing structures first. After that, mobilisation exercises aimed at the nervous system itself are used to optimize the neurodynamics and thereby create possibilities for the injury to heal. These mobilisation exercises should be very gentle and respect the nervous system's increased mechanical sensitivity.


324 Colour photographs (162 treatment techniques, 162 home exercises) , 159 videos

Printout languages

English, Swedish