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JEMS® Connected and Controlled Upper Extremity

JEMS Exercises by Joanne Elphinston

These JEMS exercises enable the healthcare professional to effectively address specific control, coordination, stability and mobility in the upper quadrant, with an emphasis on movement quality and patient body awareness.

Product details

These physical therapy exercises are designed to coordinate closely with the JEMS® Dynamic Movement Progressions for Trunk and Lower Body exercises for easy integration of the upper quadrant into whole body normal movement.

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Body areas
Elbow Extensors, Elbow Flexors, Fascia, Functional Lines, Hip Extensors, Knee Extensors, Neck Extensors, Neck Stabilizers, Scapula Protractors, Scapula Stabilizers, Scapula Upward Rotators, Shoulder Adductors, Shoulder Extensors, Shoulder Flexors, Shoulder Horizontal Adductors (Chest), Shoulder Stabilizers, Spiral Line, Trunk Lateral Flexors, Trunk Rotators, Trunk Stabilizers, Upper Extremities, Whole Body

Chair or Stool, Exercise Ball, Step or Box, Table or Bench or Bed, Wall, Without Equipment

Abduction, Extension, External Rotation, Flexion, Horizontal Abduction, Horizontal Adduction, Internal Rotation, Lateral Flexion, Protraction, Rotation and Circumduction, Upward Rotation

AROM, Balance and Coordination, Control Extension, Control Neutral, Control Rotation, Explosive Strength and Speed, Functional and Integrated Movements, Isometric Strength, Movement Control and Stability, Myofascial Techniques, Postural Control, PROM, Strengthening, Stretching

Starting position
Half-kneeling, Kneeling, Lying (prone), Lying (supine), On All Fours, Other Position, Sidelying, Sitting

Other keywords
Bodyweight, CKC, Global movement integration, Global stability strength integration, Local movement awareness and control, Multi-joint, Multijoint coordination, Neuromuscular Response, OKC, Passive Stretching, Plank position, Plyometric, Proprioception, Push up position, Rotation, Single-joint, Stability, Upper arm, Weight shift, Weightbearing


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