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JEMS® Dynamic Movement Progressions for Trunk and Lower Body

JEMS Exercises

These JEMS physical therapy exercises are crafted for rehabilitation and fitness professionals to design balanced, progressive movement re-education programs based on the JEMS® approach.

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Includes exercises for early stage rehabilitation through to dynamic active movement, applicable to people of all ages and injury types. It offers options at a variety of functional levels to enable development of spinal, lumbo-pelvic and hip mobility; trunk and pelvic control; dynamic movement relationships between the trunk, pelvis and lower limb; posture and breathing and balance. It also contains exercises demonstrating progressions in a variety of positions using the exercise ball, medicine ball and exercise band, as well as exercises requiring no equipment. Practitioners will particularly appreciate the unique opportunity to supplement the clear instructions with key words in the spaces provided, ensuring that the patient is provided with individualised sensory, perceptual or postural cues as needed. The exercises are organized by exercise, position and equipment.

Thse exercises are designed to coordinate closely with the other Joanne Elphinston exercises, JEMS® Connected and Controlled Upper Extremity.

Included in Physiotools Premium.

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Body areas
Ankle, Ankle Pronators (Eversion), Ankle Supinators (Inversion), Back Extensors, Cardio- and Respiratory System, Deep Front Line, Foot, Functional Lines, Hip, Hip Abductors, Hip Adductors, Hip Extensors, Hip Flexors, Hip Lateral Rotators, Knee, Knee Extensors, Knee Flexors, Lateral Line, Lower Extremities, Neck, Neck Rotators, Scapula Protractors, Scapula Retractors, Scapula Stabilizers, Scapula Upward Rotators, Shoulder Adductors, Shoulder Extensors, Shoulder Flexors, Shoulder Horizontal Adductors (Chest), Spiral Line, Superficial Back Line, Superficial Front Line, Thoracic Spine, Trunk and Back, Trunk Flexors, Trunk Lateral Flexors, Trunk Rotators, Trunk Stabilizers, Whole Body

Chair or Stool, Exercise Ball, Exercise Band, Medicine Ball, Pillow or Towel, Step or Box, Stick, Table or Bench or Bed, Wall, Without Equipment

Abduction, Adduction, Extension, External Rotation, Flexion, Lateral Flexion, Lateral Tilt, Other Movement, Pronation, Protraction, Retraction, Rotation and Circumduction, Supination

Active and Dynamic Stretching, AROM, Balance and Coordination, Body Awareness and Relaxation, Breathing Exercises, Control Extension, Control Flexion, Control Neutral, Control Rotation, Evidence, Functional and Integrated Movements, Isometric Strength, Joint Mobilizing,
Movement Control and Stability, Pilates, Strengthening

Starting position
Half-kneeling, Kneeling, Lying (prone), Lying (supine), On All Fours, Plank or Push Up Position, Sidelying, Sitting High, Standing

Other keywords
1 leg balance, Activation, Active Stretching, Arm reach, Author, Bent knee fall out, Bodyweight, Breathing, Bridge, CKC, Clam, Clean, Complex Movement, Dead bug, Diaphragmatic breathing, Dynamic stretching, Early Trunk and Pelvic Control, Edema, Edema management, Hamstring stretch, Heel raise, Heel slide, Hip hinge, Intermediate Trunk and Pelvic Control, Lateral costal breathing, Lunge, Marching, Mountain climbers, Multi-joint, OKC, Passive Stretching, Pelvic tilt, Plank position, Proprioception, Push press, Push up, Push up position, Rehab, Reverse lunge, Reverse woodchopper, Rotation, Side plank, Side step, Single leg stand, Single-joint, Single-leg squat, Split squat, Split stance, Squat, Stability, Step Up, Superman, Supported lunge, Toe lift, Upper back, Wall push up, Wall sit, Wall squat, Weight shift, Wood chop. 


228 Colour photographs, Line drawings

Printout languages

English, Russian, Swedish