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JEMS® Dynamic Movement Progressions for Trunk and Lower Body

Joanne Elphinston Exercises

Crafted for rehabilitation and fitness professionals to design balanced, progressive movement re-education programs based on the JEMS® approach.

Product details

Includes exercises for early stage rehabilitation through to dynamic active movement, applicable to people of all ages and injury types. It offers options at a variety of functional levels to enable development of spinal, lumbo-pelvic and hip mobility; trunk and pelvic control; dynamic movement relationships between the trunk, pelvis and lower limb; posture and breathing and balance. It also contains exercises demonstrating progressions in a variety of positions using the exercise ball, medicine ball and exercise band, as well as exercises requiring no equipment. Practitioners will particularly appreciate the unique opportunity to supplement the clear instructions with key words in the spaces provided, ensuring that the patient is provided with individualised sensory, perceptual or postural cues as needed. The exercises are organized by exercise, position and equipment.

It is designed to coordinate closely with the JEMS® Connected and Controlled Upper Extremity exercises.


Included in Physiotools Premium.


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228 Colour photographs, Line drawings

Printout languages

English, Russian, Swedish