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Lumbo-Pelvic Dynamic Stability/Kinetic Control Exercises

Mark Comerford Exercises

These Mark Comerford exercises are compiled to help the therapist provide clear, precise and detailed instruction for the client on movement control retraining to treat musculo-skeletal pain and uncontrolled movement (UCM) of the lumbo-pelvic region.

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The Mark Comerford exercises are developed around the Kinetic Control process of movement assessment and movement control retraining. Highly recommended for anyone who has attended any of the Kinetic Control Movement Solution courses or anyone using movement control training strategies to retrain and manage musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction.

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Body areas
Back Extensors, Hip, Hip Abductors, Hip Adductors, Hip Extensors, Hip Flexors, Hip Lateral Rotators, Hip Medial Rotators, Hip Stabilizers, Knee Extensors, Knee Flexors, Lateral Line Shoulder Extensors, Trunk and Back Trunk, Flexors, Trunk Lateral Flexors, Trunk Stabilizers

Assisted or with a Partner, Balance Equipment, Ball, Chair or Stool, Exercise Ball, Exercise Band, Other Equipment, Pillow or Towel, Step or Box, Table or Bench or Bed, Wall, Without Equipment

Abduction, Adduction, Anterior Tilt, Extension, External Rotation, Internal Rotation, Lateral Flexion, Rotation and Circumduction

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Starting position
Half-kneeling, Kneeling, Lying (prone), Lying (supine), On All Fours, Sidelying, Sitting Floor, Sitting High, Standing

Other keywords
Active Stretching, Author, Balance pad, Ball squeeze, Bodyweight, Bridge, CKC, Clam, Diastasis recti, Hip hike, Hip hinge, Leg lift, Lunge, OKC, Passive Assisted Stretching, Passive Stretching, Pelvic tilt, Proprioception, Rehab, Reverse hip extension, Rotation, Side step, Single-joint, Stability, Stairs, Step Up, Tape



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