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Pelvic Floor

For practitioners who need to provide advice and exercises to improve pelvic floor disorders. Contains images of women, men and children.

Product details

It includes information about pelvic floor anatomy and function plus incontinence, weight management and the importance of posture for pelvic floor function. Toileting information covers advice on pelvic floor identification and deferment techniques in addition to correct urination and defaecation positions. The exercises have been divided into pelvic floor relaxation, identification and low effect exercises combined with transversus abdominal muscle activation and normal breathing. In addition speed strength, maximum strength and endurance strength are explained. It shows various exercise starting positions and squeezing techniques, where the work required by the muscle varies from low to high, for example, coughing and lifting. Functional exercises such as walking, Nordic walking and running are also included. Contains images of women, men and children doing pelvic floor exercises. Includes evidence based exercises.


130 Line drawings , 1 PDF posters

Printout languages

English, Finnish, German, Swedish, Turkish