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The Shoulder (Taping)

Ideal for physiotherapists, sports therapists, athletic trainers, coaches and doctors, it shows the correct taping techniques for the scapula and glenohumeral joint as well as specific rehabilitation exercises.

Product details

For scapular taping it contains taping techniques to unload upper trapezius for neck pain, headaches and whiplash as well as overactive upper trapezius muscles, facilitating taping techniques for serratus anterior and lower trapezius, and proprioceptive and retraction exercises.

For the glenohumeral joint it contains repositioning the humeral head for patients with anterior translated humeral head, impingement problems, rotator cuff problems and early stage frozen shoulder, unloading deltoid to decrease arm pain for frozen shoulder patients and to initiate arm elevation in patients with rotator cuff tears, taping for multidirectional instability (atraumatic subluxers), and proprioceptive and rotator cuff exercises.


90 Colour photographs

Printout languages

English, Finnish, German