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Sports & Fitness

Sports & Fitness includes multimodal exercises (stretching and joint range of motion, strength, balance and postural control etc.). Most exercises can be performed anywhere, but some are specifically designed for use in the gym.

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There are a range of strengthening exercises using bodyweight and resistance exercises using barbell, gym equipment, weight machine and workout benches.  There are also exercises using aerobic equipment, dumbbells, exercise ball, exercise band, weight plate and Kettlebell as well as exercises without equipment 

Weightlifting exercises include exercises using a barbell or a weight plate. The main focus is on technique instructions for advanced moves such as clean, clean and jerk and snatch. Basic strength training moves such as deadlift, back squat, front squat and press are included as well as supportive exercises that can be used for example as warm up exercises for the more advanced lifts.  

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