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Vestibular and Balance Exercises

Vestibular Exercises by Kenda Fuller

Designed for health care and rehabilitation professionals who prescribe exercises with the aim of managing dizziness and balance or vestibular disorders.

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Sensory integration begins with settling techniques to incorporate somatosensory and vestibular systems while decreasing visual dependence. Gaze stabilization for recovery of vestibular ocular reflex and visual motion challenges can be integrated at many levels. Head position dizziness can be treated at home with these safe and effective manoeuvres for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Balance training is achieved with appropriate changes in surface and base of support. A multitude of options are presented to progress adaptation and facilitate head righting to achieve the highest level of independence. 

The use of typical equipment for balance retraining includes therapeutic exercise balls and other items found at home that make the surface more dynamic. Many exercises can be done without equipment. 

The option to use or eliminate vision is available as well as specific detailed movement of the head and trunk, which can be modified as necessary. Complex walking tasks are demonstrated with changes of direction and surface conditions to advance independence in community mobility and get back to life!

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