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Activation and networking

Note: These instructions only apply to customers using installable PhysioTools programs.

Activation & Registration

Tools RG and PhysioTools 7

Activation will enable enhanced features and is free of charge.

Click here to activate »

PhysioTools 10

PhysioTools 10 will automatically activate during installation and requires an Internet connection. Activation enables PhysioTools 10 to be updated.


Tools RG and PhysioTools 7

To access PhysioTools on your networked computers, simply apply for a network licence. If you are applying for a one-user network licence, you will be emailed the licence file free of charge.

If you require more than one person to use the program at the same time on your network (concurrent users), additional copies of the installed modules are required and your local reseller will contact you with price details. A network licence is not required for Subscriptions as networking is included.

After you have received and installed your network licence, install the NetClient on as many client computers as you require. The number of computers on which you choose to install PhysioTools NetClient is not limited by the Network licence – the licence determines only the maximum number of simultaneous users.

On each workstation, locate the Setupnet.exe file (on the shared network drive, in \ptwin\setupnet) and double click on it. Setupnet.exe will prepare the workstation and create the PhysioTools NetClient shortcut on the desktop.

Click here for a Network licence »

PhysioTools 10

Network feature is enabled from the Start Menu with the program 'Configure PhysioTools 10 Network'.