Erwin Welbergen

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Human motion has been the focus of Erwin Welbergen's attention for over 25 years, from PhysEd teaching to Human Motion Science, marketing and sales of high end human motion equipment. Overall goal: improving the ability of humans to move in their environment with more ease, more pleasure, higher efficiency and effectiveness and better health.

He took interest in 'human sciences' such as exercise physiology, biomechanics, sports and learning psychology during his study in Physical Education. After completion of this study he pursued his interests at the Faculty of Human Motion Sciences of the Free University of Amsterdam, majoring in exercise physiology, with minors in biomechanics and sports psychology. In 1990 he started his own company, wanting to make the knowledge that was acquired by himself and others in the field of human motion sciences available to the people. This included working environments (better lifting, more efficient work procedures), sports (faster, higher, better), and ergonomics. Some of the work included developing training programs, designing and improving products.