Movement Impairment Correction Exercises

Provides musculo-skeletal healthcare practitioners with exercises to correct faulty movement patterns and imbalances.


It includes exercises that are components of basic movements used in daily activities and will only be effective if the correct performance of the person's most frequently performed daily activities is also addressed in the treatment program. Optimal control of alignment and specific joint movement is the necessary foundation upon which to add the strengthening and endurance exercises. The control exercises provide the means of not only remediating but also preventing musculo-skeletal pain problems. The exercises are for the trunk, upper quarter and lower quarter, and are performed in different positions (lying, quadruped, sitting, standing). The purpose of the exercises is to improve the performance and control of the muscles, decrease or increase flexibility, improve balance control, stretch the muscles and prevent compensatory movement.

Based on Shirley Sahrmann's book 'Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes' published by Elsevier Mosby.


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