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News | 13.03.2017

This new complimentary module is aimed specifically at fitness trainers, personal trainers and physiotherapists to provide FLOWIN® exercises. 

News | 19.01.2017

Motivate your patients to exercise - introduction to the PT Momentum app

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News | 19.01.2017

Since 1987, PhysioTools has worked with physiotherapists and other professionals to help them achieve better results for their clients.

News | 18.10.2016

Several modules have been translated into Turkish, Danish and Russian and you can now create exercise programs for your clients in these languages when using PhysioTools Online.

News | 17.10.2016

The PhysioTools user interface is now also available in the following four languages: Spanish, Turkish, Danish and Russian.  

News | 20.09.2016

General Exercises has been translated into Turkish and Indonesian and you can now create exercise programs for your clients in these languages when using PhysioTools Online.

News | 01.07.2016

This module will enable you to show your clients how they can tape themselves at home using these instructions.

News | 30.06.2016

Our new module, Deep Fascia Exercises, is ideal for sports and rehabilitation professionals.

News | 26.02.2016

PhysioTools and GoodLife Technology have developed a service through which clients can receive their personalized exercise programs on their mobile devices.

News | 16.02.2016

Our new exercise module is designed for health care and rehabilitation professionals who prescribe exercises with the aim of managing dizziness and balance or vestibular disorders.

News | 24.11.2015

Mediware Information Systems, Inc., a supplier of software for health and human service providers and payers, announces a major extension of its agreement with PhysioTools to help streamline workfl

News | 13.10.2015

Our new PT Momentum mobile app encourages your clients to reach a daily exercise target and reminds them to exercise.

News | 27.05.2015

This module provides musculo-skeletal healthcare practitioners with exercises to correct faulty movement patterns and imbalances. The exercises are directed at two aspects of correction.

News | 17.04.2015

This new exercise module is crafted for rehabilitation and fitness professionals to design balanced, progressive movement re-education programmes based on t

News | 25.03.2015

This exercise module is designed for health and rehabilitation professionals working with orthopaedic and/or older clients.

News | 18.02.2015

Suitable for teachers and therapists, this module has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of clients with special needs including persons wi

News | 05.02.2015

Our new complimentary module, available for our Online customers, includes Self-Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques and core stabilisation exercises with a

News | 23.10.2014

When using Kinetic Control exercises you should be familiar with the principles of stability rehabilitation.